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Welcome to the next frontier of bone regeneration

SmartBone® is an innovative bone substitutes specifically developed for bone regeneration in oral and maxillofacials reconstructive surgeries.

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SmartBone® key features

SmartBone® is produced by combining natural mineral bone structures with bioresorbable polymers and collagen fragments. This new concept of biomaterial assembly allows the patient’s cells to grow quickly and efficiently into the bone substitute while the biopolymers degrade, providing perfect integration and osteogenesis.

The microstructure of SmartBone®’s composite matrix strongly resembles the human bone in terms of open, interconnected and mid-sized porosity. Indeed, it mimics the characteristics of a healthy human bone: high biocompatibility, adequate open porosity, high mechanical performance, hydrophilicity.


Thanks to its microcomposition, SmartBone® quickly reaches an av. 38%w/w blood swelling ratio, thereby sparking the chemical signaling cascade that  finally induces a robust osteointegration.

After 2.5 years the graft has been completely replaced and the osteogenesis has formed a lamellar bone with cement lines; there is evidence of a great amount of osteocytes inside the lacunae and of a good angiogenesis.

SmartBone®, combined with the native bone, forms an osteoinductive system.


What they say about our products

“There are three features that make SmartBone® a unique bone substitute. First SmartBone® is very versatile, it performs very well in oral reconstruction surgeries and for bone regeneration/augmentation. Moreover, mechanical handling and performances of bone graft during surgical maneuvering are essential, indeed, the product withstands drilling and fixing with osteosynthesis screws and remains firmly in place offering a strong mechanical bond to the host tissue…”

Dr. G. Carusi, Surgeon Odontostomatologist, Pisa (IT)

“SmartBone® has some peculiar characteristics that make it a biomaterial deeply different from others. Mainly the bone remodeling is very high, the biomaterial gets replaced by patient bone more quickly than many others bone substitute. This characteristic must be understood in depth because an important biological advantage succeeds: the bone that will surround the implants will be definitely vital…”

Dr. F. Mandelli, Oral Surgeon, Milano (IT)

“SmartBone® is very easy to use, easy to shape when using the squared blocks, moreover, you feel sure when you screw SmartBone® to the native bone,  you don’t have this awful sensation that it is going to crack, or , in the other side, the feeling that you are screwing a sponge instead of a block…”

Dr. J. Latorre Valenzuela, Implant Dentistry and Periodontics, Barcelona (ES)

“SmartBone® is enriched with biopolymers makes it extremely manageable on the application and offer osteogenic characteristics not findable on the other bone substitutes available on the market…”

Dr. R. Ghiretti, Medical Surgeon, Porto Mantovano (IT)